Offset Printing


We Are Leaders in Offset Printing

Hatteras is a leader in offset printing. We have over 180 years of combined industry experience and cutting-edge technology. Hatteras has taken our G7 certification and leveled up by adding Chromachecker software. Chromachecker provides a pull-by-pull analysis of our press sheets and allows us to analyze and continually improve our print quality and consistency.

RMGT 9 Series Offset Press

Our New RMGT 9 Series Offset Press leverages LED-UV technology to produce vibrant ink colors that are intense and much richer than traditional offset. The advantages of this technology do not stop here, and include:

  • Eco-friendly LED-UV inks are cured instantly when they print.
  • Because the ink cures instantly there is no need for aqueous coating which dulls the ink vibrancy and paper brightness.
  • Exceptional color consistency from our computer assisted color matching system.
  • Instant curing allows us to easily print on a variety of materials including plastics, decals, static cling and floor graphics with no material distortion which occurs during printing with the high heat required by conventional UV presses. 
  • Edge to edge coating in a variety of finishes, high-gloss and spot UV, soft touch, satin and a new reticulating varnish and chemical embossing for stunning impact.

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