Digital Storefronts


Grow Sales with a Hatteras Ecommerce Store

More and more our customers are coming to us to develop digital storefronts to manage the purchase, production and shipment of their products. These ecommerce stores can be anything from the company apparel store for a large manufacturing company to the stationery hub for a multinational corporation.

Digital storefronts simplify the purchase and billing process for both external consumers and internal customers. Our customers sell everything from branded backpacks to business cards on the digital storefronts we build and manage for them.

  • Responsive and mobile friendly designs
  • Branded and attractive site development
  • Familiar and robust platform options for customizable and static items
  • WYSIWYG on screen proofing of customizable items
  • Flexible order approval options
  • Order updates and tracking information
  • Inventory management and product procurement for third party items
  • Integration with your internal purchasing systems

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